Friday, May 4, 2012

Those Hamster Sandwich Bullfighter Pants Look Great On That Rainbow Guacamole Monkey With Vacuum

Mr. Bunndini started this blog for two of his favourite people who at various times over the past few years have lived in an assortment of cities including Kingston, Paris, Taiwan, Philadelphia and soon Houston as well. There are 1-6 other people who find Mr. Bunndini vaguely amusing but otherwise I can only imagine it is a confusing and ultimately unrewarding experience reading any of this claptrap. Now thanks to a new feature on I can view what people search for to end up in this myriad of stupidness. These top keyword searches are like a window straight into my brain. Beyond the magestic beauty of the top search keywords:

business cat (#1 search of all time) 
hamster sweater (#2 search of all time) 
i'll crush you 
bullfighter pants 
dolphin muffins 
spooning of nails 
деловой кот 
rainbow guacamole 
hamster sandwich 
monkey in a happy hat
chicken lady
jeggings knuckle tattoo
do homeless people eat poop
monkey with vacuum
knitting overcome fear of flying
strubs pickles
couch potato german

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