Friday, October 28, 2011


Mr. Bunndini and Mr. Firepie are waiting for a taxi cab to the airport where we will get on a plane which will take us to Philadelphia and into the car of one Dr. Mavis Stapler. Please stay tuned for updates on Amish people, New York City bagels, The Smithsonian and a special guest appearance from Algae Frankenstein.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ain't No Party Like A Canadian Arctic Taxidermy Party

One day in Whitehorse I went for a walk down by the Yukon River.

I saw this museum disguised as an old cabin.

Inside it was like the taxidermy museum Mavis Stapler and I visited in Paris called Deyrolle.

Only the Canadian version.

The museum was run by young mormons from Utah who did not know the difference between a toonie and a loonie. They told me their 10 month mission would be over in November.

You could buy old Yukon license plates in the gift shop two for a dollar. 

I don't think this snow is real.


I can only imagine how many of these little ermine guys it takes to make a coat. 


Not that kind of cougar.

Beaver fever.

I can't believe it's not otter.

Foxy brown.

The white wolf abides.

They were all staring at me so I had to go back to my hotel and lie down.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sergeant Bunndini of the Yukon

Last week Mr. Bunndini went Dogsledding at Sky High Wilderness Ranch on Fish Lake just outside of Whitehorse.

They have 150 sled dogs but not one named Biscuit.

This little guy was sad to be left behind.

I named my dogs Captain Stinky, Stinky 1, Stinky 2 and Stinky 3 (AKA The Pooper).  
Fun fact of the day: dogs can poop and pee while running full speed and are not afraid to do so. 

I had on long underwear and gigantic snow boots.

Most of my fellow sledders wiped out at least once but I managed to stay on my sled the entire time. I think it was due to the fearless leadership of Captain Stinky.

The dogs agreed that the view was spectacular but it was over too soon.

Here we see Stinky 1 taking a well deserved rest while Captain Stinky shows the kind of stamina and commitment that is needed to be a strong leader. 

Stinky 2 chills out while The Pooper rests his pooping bum.

Everyone gets to see their friends and chat about the day.

I called this guy Salad McGee.

There's no I in team.

And scene.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

If It Hasn't Got A Lobby I Don't Want It For A Hobby

Mr. Bunndini is off to Whitehorse tomorrow and will be partaking in outdoorsy arctic activities such as dogsledding and wearing gigantic puffy coats. Stay tuned for photographic evidence.

Monday, October 17, 2011

You Are Not A Tiger, You Are A Leopard.

Mr. Bunndini found this letter made of chocolate while cleaning out the crisper last night. Is it a message? Should I be concerned that the fridge is trying to tell me something? Is this the first sign of the apocalypse?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Don't Hold The Mayo

HANGRY (verb): Having a strong feeling of annoyance displeasure or hostility caused by hunger.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Streets Are Not Safe Tonight

CONKASAURUS REX (verb): A dangerous creature who visits people on the verge of sleep and crushes them into submission. 

Often works in conjunction with various soft fluffy blanket accomplices such as Jacques Frontenac and Pinky Tuscadero.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


No big deal. Just taking a helicopter to Victoria.

The co-pilot looks capable.

At least the back of his head does.

But one tiny nervous passenger does not agree. 

Consequently immediately after the flight she has to go directly to the jungle-themed Bengal Lounge in the tourist-themed Empress Hotel for a very strong lunchtime caeser. But how will she overcome her fear of flying for the return flight to Vancouver?

Maybe with some of these?

And a few of these guys?

Crisis averted.

Thank cheeses.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Good Night Sweetheart

It's been a very sad two weeks for Dr. Mavis Stapler, rife with windowless hospital rooms and repeated ferry rides between Vancouver and Victoria. Along the way we still managed to have some laughs and in the true spirit of science discovered a few irrefutable facts. Most importantly we discovered that in Victoria cab drivers like talk radio more than they like tips, chihuahuas look jaunty in hand knit sweaters and Algae Frankenstein is not nearly as afraid of flying in helicopters as she thought she would be. Also (obviously) red wine and spicy caesers taste good any time of the day and nothing beats good pals when the chips are down.

Mr. Bunndini would like Dr. Stapler to know that she is loved and that there is always a space on my couch and in my heart for her.  Finally Conkasaurus Rex and Pinky Tuscadero say hello and want you to know that they are going to crush the hell out of you next time you are in Vancouver.