Tuesday, November 16, 2010

St. Elmo's Fire

So as we all know I "mysteriously" broke my foot in Philadelphia many weeks ago but it did not stop me from enjoying the rest of my time in New York with Polyanna and Mavis Stapler (or subsequent business trips to scenic Winnipeg and Kelowna). I also acquired a lung infection because lets face it kids when Mr. Bunndini gets sick he really gets sick; 8 weeks of limping and coughing horrifically loud until I throw up kinda sick. I now appear to be on the mend and would like to thank some of the friends who helped me through the tough times:

Tiny Babybel cheeses they say that great things are only worth having if you have to work hard for them and you and your multiple layers of red shiny packaging prove just that.

Mr. Strub's pickled eggs I wish I knew how to quit you.

I was just a Bunndini standing in front of a Ventolin inhaler asking it to love her. And love me you did. You even loved me when I went out and smoked a cigarette and had a coughing fit at the bar. 

Ciao Bella coconut sorbet from Whole Foods you complete me.

Lasty to my trusty couch Captain Cozy I salute you. I also want to give a shout out to my PVR Mr. Furley who has been my rock for years and continues to stand by me no matter what I put him through.


  1. snazzy wigglebottoms feels left out.

  2. Snazzy could have been more supportive over these last few weeks. I'm just saying......

  3. maybe he's tired of always having to pose beside that inhaler. he told me he did so last winter too...

  4. If he's so unhappy here maybe he wants to go live with Colonel Sanders.