Saturday, June 5, 2010

Spicy Meat Sauce

You may be surprised to learn that Mr. Bunndini has made his fair share of relationship gaffs. Yes it's true that I may not have always been the smooth operator I am today but I've always known how to treat a lady when it comes to fine dining establishments. Recently my dear friend Pollyanna had an unfortunate experience on a date which, while uncomfortable at the time, now serves as a warning to all unattached hopeful people looking for love. She had to suffer so the rest of us could live fruitful and fulfilling lives and for that we thank her. So I will say this only once and if you do not take heed then don't come running to Mr. Bunndini after everything falls to pieces. Single people you have now all been warned ........ unless under the influence of irony or hallucinogens, The Old Spaghetti Factory is NOT a great place to take someone on a second date. Although there is nothing wrong with a little spumoni in the caboose among consenting adults.

OLD SPAGHETTI FACTORY SITUATION (noun, verb, adj): An inadvertent and inexcusable faux-pas occurring at an early stage in a non-platonic relationship so dire as to thus terminate any possibly chance of said relationship continuing.

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