Thursday, June 26, 2014

I Don't Know About You But My Acorns Are In A Nutrageous Frenzy This Morning

Mr Bunndinni and Dr. Stapler had a tequila soaked adventure in Texas for the past week and some of these things may or may not have happened:

This guy and his one frosty eye yelled in our faces all night long in Houston.

Texan mosquitos feasted on our flesh and cockroaches threatened our safety that one night when we drank 8000 bottles of wine and smoked all the cigarettes in the back yard.

75% of all meals consumed consisted of tacos.

1.5 million bats came out to say hello to us from under the Congress Street Bridge in Austin.

The Buc-cee's truck stop in Bastrop Texas provided refuge from a torrential downpour.

As well as all of our sweet fat acorn attraction needs.

Political slogans.

Fashionable belt buckles.

And good old fashioned common sense.

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