Monday, October 1, 2012

The City That Rhymes With Fun

Mr. Bunndini spent the past four days in Regina at a music conference conferring about music. It was my first time in the fine province of Saskatchewan and I learned a few important lessons that are as follows:

1. Regina was previously called Pile Of Bones. I don't know which name is less embarrassing.
2. If you want brunch anytime except on Sunday between 11am and 1pm then you are out of luck.

3. The sunrise from the hotel room window looked nice but did not make it any easier to wake up after three hours of drunken sleep to fly home.

4. Photos taken from a car on the drive to the airport make Regina look a tiny bit like Paris (if you really squint your eyes).

5. The only thing people in Regina love more than Tim Hortons donuts is the Roughriders football team.

6. It's super flat and that is that.

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