Monday, July 5, 2010

You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings.

Mr. Bunndini has today reached a milestone. I never thought I would be so fabulous at such an advanced age but the many years of sipping cocktails and shopping for shoes have obviously agreed with me. I like to think that the secret to my wrinkle-free complexion is a positive attitude but vast quantities of sarcasm probably have more to do with it. We must embrace the bad along with the good and laugh at both equally. So my faithful readers here are a few things you may or may not know about me. Think of this as a one-way sharing circle and I'm passing the talking stick onto you now. Namaste.

- I always wear sunscreen.
- My worst fear is being crushed by scaffolding so I cross the street to avoid walking under or near it.
- I’m also afraid of opening tin cans, silverfish, getting my fingers cut off in a garberator and being trapped in an underground parking lot during an earthquake.
- I have no problem with fire, flying, heights, snakes, spiders, public speaking or clowns.
- I cut off all my hair in my sleep at age 5 and hid it in a shoebox under my bed that was not found for several days.
- It is my goal to be vomit free until 2023.
- Chances are I’m better at origami than you.
- I have been to only two professional sporting events in my life and one I was tricked into attending by my girlfriends who told me we were going shopping.
- I was drunk at the other one.
- Thankfully neither was a hockey game.
- The only thing more tedious than watching sports (see above) would be listening to people talking about watching sports.
- I have totally flat feet.
- My catholic grandmother secretly baptized me as a baby.
- I hate camping.

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