Sunday, December 29, 2013

I Went To Palm Sprangs For Christmas And All I Got Was This Lousy Hot Tub Elbow

The view from my bedroom window in the morning was terrible and two out of three vacationers had the flu.

Most days all we could do was lie in the hot tub drinking all the hot toddys except one afternoon excursion to the Salton Sea.

The piles of dead tialpia and bird skeletons were there right where I left them last year.

This tilapia tried to teach us the dangers of alcohol abuse.

Only one out of three of us could smell the dead fishy smell.

Two out of three of us took selfies with dead tilaipa.

Zero out of three of us did any fishing.

Merry Christmas from Bombay Beach California.

See you next year. Same time and place. Less flu virus and more beer.

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