Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Good God Lemon

After several months of working from home I have yet to see a downside. Yes there are the occasional days when I speak only to actual human beings via email and my hair has gone unwashed for far longer than is healthy but the lack of waistbands, commuting and annoying co-worker conversations far make up for the anti-social lack of hygiene. One part of my routine is going for nice long walks in the middle of the day to forage for food. Today I walked in the slightly crisp early fall air to Granville Island where the tourists have now thinned out enough to not want to shiv them all. I bought the Siegel's caraway seed bagels (which are far superior to Solly's over-doughy ones). I bought the double smoked salmon from the place with the overpriced seafood that all the tourists take photos of. I stopped at the craft sake place and sampled one of their newest vintages. I picked up the mail and some paper of the toilet variety and walked home only to discover that I had forgotten the cream cheese. I'm substituting sour cream but it's just not the same.