Friday, August 9, 2013

Ain't Nobody Got Thyme For That

Summer in Vancouver usually means rained out beach birthday parties, overcast mornings and unless you are one of those guys who moved here from Alberta after university and wears shorts all year round (and not to vastly over-generalise but often is named Brian, Trevor or Dave, calls Vancouver "Van", has a Canadian flag tattoo somewhere inconspicuous on his body and would love to learn to surf in Tofino but instead is really into craft beer and outdoor concerts with "the wife" know who you are) then the dress code is decidedly on the always bring a coat because you might get cold once the sun goes down side. That said this past month has been glorious and Mr. Bunndini has worn a breezy dress on several occasions often late into the evening and will do so again tonight with or without your blessing. I may even have a tan on one or both of my legs.