Saturday, June 30, 2012

Is That A Space Needle In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?

Mr. Bunndini and Mr. Firepie took a short jaunt to Seattle.

Our first mission was to rustle up a mess of gigantic beers at Serious Pie

Where the pie is indeed serious

Is that a clam on your pizza or are you just glad to see me?

They also have pie of the coconut cream variety

Which was acceptably tasty

Bush and needle

Needle and bush

The Chihuily Garden and Glass had many colours (or colors as they say in America)

It's not a place for clumsy people

Or slam dancing

Some might say that this looks like a gigantic unkempt road bush

No judgment

Here we see the Red Sox striking out the Mariner with the jaunty socks they call Ichiro Suzuki

Here we see a hotdog in flagrante delicto

Luckily the crime could not be proven due to lack of evidence 

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